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Oil on canvas

Alena Goncharova Gindylla

Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region, Russian Federation

Alena Goncharova Gindylla

A young girl drinks cocoa from a cup and sees an elderly woman in the reflection. This work is about the fact that you are young and beautiful, you have your whole life ahead of you. But, you feel very tired of life and the people who surround you. You are 20 years old, and you feel like you are 75 years old. You have aged morally and spiritually. You are 20 years old, but you can't carelessly go through life enjoying your youth, because you are tired... and you feel older.
An original work of art in a single copy. Without a frame. The drawing is signed on the back and has a certificate of authenticity.
I'm taking photos in natural light to actually display the color gamut of the images. The colors on your screen may differ from the real ones.
Artwork: elongated, ready to hang.


£ 500.00





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