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Oil pastel, acrylic, spray paints

Anastasia Asparagus

Moscow, Russia

Anastasia Asparagus

This picture was very inspired by the work of the wonderful writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, as well as a series of situations in my life.
Magical realism is a phenomenon of all art. This is another absolutely contradictory and ambiguous thought, which at the moment may even seem ridiculous and a little naive. You can't understand how such a thing could come to mind and how to interpret this direction in general.
Clinging to this actual space for reflection, I tried to rethink this direction and show it through the prism of a modern young girl of the 21st century. To strengthen the mental sweat, I decided to reread such works of Marquez as "About love and demons", "Memories of my unfortunate whores" and "No one writes to the Colonel". The beauty of these works of Marquez lies in the fact that he himself gives the surrounding world wonderful or magical properties. Through all his works, he lets a thread of some kind of magic, although at first glance it seems that all these things are ordinary and ordinary. I would especially like to note natural phenomena that always have the power to transmit news from the near future.
After that, the main question was asked! And what is the reality for me? He made me look anew at everything that is happening in my life. At that time, I was finishing university and did not fully understand what I would do next. But there were so many details around that deserved my attention.
Accordingly, an important aspect for me in this picture was the transfer of the mystery of sunrise and sunset. Two large yellow circles symbolize the end and the beginning of everything in this world: relationships, work, favorite thing, passion and life. Tigers, in turn, remind of reasonableness and caution, despite their predator nature. A beaver sitting at the heroine's head, anxiety on the topic of self-realization. And no less significant in this picture is a light and a boat floating on the waves. Even as a child, these two elements were the most majestic manifestation of the power of nature, since I spent my entire childhood in the Crimea. They have always brought to life either destruction in the form of fires and storms, or peace and tranquility.
This work really well reflects the interaction of an individual with the entire surrounding world, and not with any specific parts of it. It refers us to our roots, while not letting us forget about today's realities.







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