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The sleeping process

Oil pastel, spray paints, acrylics

Anastasia Asparagus


Anastasia Asparagus

This work has an absolutely incredible atmosphere, and if you know the history of its creation, it leaves a slight trail of mystery.
It is largely about me and my dreams, about their strangeness and eccentricity. However, all this is well supported by conversations with other people about their unusual dreams and seasoned with the small fraction of Freud's theory that I know. One summer night ,without expecting it at all, I fell into a dream. It was a magical dream that I was on top of the white cliffs of Dover and looking at the raging ocean. At this moment, I realize that I feel absolutely everything around me. Drops of water reach me, breaking on the rocks, a strong wind that tries to ruffle my hair, cold soil under my feet and grass that tickles my heels. And then I notice a small wooden hut nearby, which stands next to the cliff. For some reason, in a dream, we very often see, hear more and brighter, and most importantly, we do things that we would never do in real life. So, I go to the house and enter it. Before my eyes there is an incredible view of the ocean and even more incredible of the creature that is sitting at the table next to the window. Glass figures of people hang around it in complete calm. And at the moment when our views intersect, I wake up.
A very strange phenomenon of a creature that periodically appears in your dreams. Perhaps this is just a feeling that arises out of nowhere. When I talked to my loved ones and not only, I found out that many had a similar situation. A certain sense of presence sometimes occurs during sleep and it can not be confused with anything. Many of us are looking for explanations in dream books or folk beliefs, but they do not find anything. Here I want to turn to Freud and his theory of the unconscious. What if it's just the fruit of our true fantasies that we can't release from the abyss of consciousness. Or it is a perverted personification of something base and animal. Anyway, with my picture, I'm trying to encourage a person to think about it and rethink such a simple thing as a dream at first glance.
In his work, the study of the human desire itself and its intertwining with the present should also occur through introspection. Therefore, this work is extremely important, because it once again touches our partly uncontrolled impulses, which do not always have a monotonous explanation.







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