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Our Modern World

Gouache paint on Paper

Archie Luke Harris

Conisbrough, Doncaster

Archie Luke Harris

My work focuses on the nuclear, working class families and how they have developed from the 19th century and the terror this has caused the working class. I think people don’t see the injustices the working class have faced since the industrial revolution, and I want to exhibit the untold history of the working class and the environments which they have grew up in. Since the masses don’t appreciate the history and story of time has impacted our life. Additionally especially from major events, people don’t see how this has moulded the world into what it is today, and i wish to exemplify this through both ameliorative and pejorative connotations, with the piece in York piece focusing on the ameliorative side. I am currently 17, and just starting my coursework into A level art, and i really hope you take this piece into consideration since it would help my sketchbook dramatically from a piece being featured among renown artists in your exhibit.







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