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Defining Worlds.

Digital Photograph

Arran Storey


Arran Storey

There’s a thing in the idea for an image where it’s a story that might have a bad tone, in another way it’s good. Like an aura of understanding, the humble aspect of sharing, the aura would be when all takes place it would be a flood through communities of despair, anger, sadness and love. I was thinking of a theme where people leave without understanding but find themselves in the bad then understand the trust of one another.
It’s like spinning worlds again. Where you would imagine a harrow like “I don’t wanna know.” This is the theme of waiting. I wondered about a love like friendship that is all to be true, the hurt of knowing times are different and seeing growth, the finding of divinity. This burns us in care and forms the womb for us to be born again. Like the love of grazing your knees. “I don’t wanna know.” From old wounds new tears form. “I don’t wanna know.” It’s like holding you again, It’s like holding me again? It’s like holding us again… “I don’t wanna know.” It’s like finding you again, and my best works are my letters home. It’s a love from above that carries our understanding for love… I watched you run. Provide, trust, care “I don’t wanna know.”... and the ember. Thus forms a light that is you. There's honesty on the table… “I don’t, wanna know.” There’s forms of understandings and patterns of truth thus decays. Answers for what we gain…
“You might never know me.” The understandings, the same as the form… thus we form again. “I don’t wanna know!”







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