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Tonight's, the kind of night.

Digital Photograph.

Arran Storey


Arran Storey

The whole world’s against me, I believe in breaking my heart. That’s where were cast, to the rivers flow. How many lights can you count? I think you’ve got more money than sense my friend. We dance along these paths. And find in our evenings.

Have you waited long enough. I wanna be heard and leave no trace… Tell me what you want. The older I get the paths stay the same. I see the seasons change. This is my place where I grow.

“Leave no trace.”

We held hands here, The fire bloomed the winds. You were wearing a perfume it made my nose run a lil, but I didn’t complain. We had the whole world, and we walked the dog through the grass by the pylon. Allot of these evenings we tell eachother our truths. “We should have a fire up here sometime.” “Yeah that’d be nice.”

I thought on my travel’s that this place would never change. What if dreams didn’t become reality I asked. Take no space cast our flight, I made a wish.

“I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be.”

I like to look at you from a distance. That’s how I can keep an eye on you. Burn. I think the whole world’s afraid of me. Burn. It just keeps slipping through like coins. Feel the casted pain for all’s misery. For all its worth we drink the Nektar. Rip the Crucifix. Dream.

How did I end up here. We feel the burn, I will try. I try hard to oblige. They say make the most of your time, a trial of equality for all, recovery. Crafted in my hands. Another bandage laid, decay. Burn. Someone with that kind of intensity. Never crossed. Certain place, certain time. A map to those who plan out his life.

“I left no trace.”







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