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Will you see too?

Digital Photograph.

Arran Storey


Arran Storey

Despite memories, it’s like, you can only carve me more.

Something hidden, something lost. But yet to be found.

A night out, scream till thy hear yah.

Have you waited long enough?

“We're renovating and expanding.”

Sometimes I think they know. Bringing lights to our homes. A TV maker, I tried to get a repair. You encourage dancing on a Saturday night. I like you.

My hands felt the same carvings. “It’s only words.” “Have a drink?” “Porters and lemonade, mind the lemon.” “A new tattoo?” “I dunno.”... A gathering.

“The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore, to use it not to misuse it” Operation Mincemeat.

The abandoned stations. Will it ever go, what will the future be like?

If only the Universal Credit paid a bit more. I know were paid, but fuck what's the difference when it’s a tenner still in your pocket.


Walking away.

Keep the dream for another season. I love you.

B V. T.v.

“I found myself in the light. What’s the difference between that and convenience?”

Mum on a locket, it’s no different from our past. It’s like opening the curtains in the morning. “I hope the lights good.” Because certainty finds our strength.

Light it up and see the community again.


You might be out of luck, but trust it to be as good as the elders. The lovely things they leave behind for our safety today.

You might never really say but trust the certification, in order to love more.


I’m coming to get you mum.

Just a thought, I'm sorry.

As you say I see, what’s it worth, wasted. We had compliments from before.

“I'm sorry but just keep talking.”

“Areas are safe.” That’s what our enforcement says.

‘More sick things…’ ‘No Tolerance’...’

Treat yourself to the big can of Irn Bru, something cheap allowing me to get by, like these substances.

They told us make sure your at 20. In the morning.

Know it’s found and held just like the locket.

“Drenched in what we find together.”

Weekend fights.

What is missing? I’m trying to tell you I'm sorry.







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