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Ode to London

Oil on canvas

Bailey Gardner


Bailey Gardner

“An Ode to London” This triptych painting was inspired by my time in London attending Slade School. My intention with this painting is to show how passionate I am about the history of the school, to highlight the extraordinary people that have attended or taught at the school, specifically Uglow, Freud, and Nickson, and how they have influenced and impacted me as an artist. I wanted the viewer to slip into my skin and feel my excitement of being in a museum and seeing their works for the first time. Coming from NYSS, a figurative school, I have always looked up to these artists, that I referenced in my painting, and aspired to paint like them. I was honoured to have the privilege to see Uglow’s painting in the archives at Slade. It was the first time even seeing a Uglow in person. I also wanted to honour the dean of NYSS , Graham Nickson, a past student snd professor at Slade, because he has been such a tremendously positive influential teacher in my life.”







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