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The White Lion

Buff & White Stoneware.

Charlie Manthorp


Charlie Manthorp

As a hopeful agnostic, Charlie Manthorp is interested in the ritualised experience of our religious and spiritual belief systems. Through declining belief, he has observed a craving within the godless for ceremony, process and

These ceramic Communities are physical manifestations of The Pub: The Pub here considered as a metaphysical object existing within us, an internalised amalgamation of our entire experience of communal drinking. The Community’s flagons are Thrown ‘off the hump’ from one measure of clay and decorated with generous lashings of slip and naively scalloped lips. Conversely, the Saggars are architectural sanctuaries drawing on their traditional utilitarian function to house the flagons from wheel head, through the intense heat of the kiln, to their exhibition. As the pub, each Community is an unfolding conversation, an exchange, which through curation can reveal myriad relationships and possibilities. As in a pub, each Community exists within a sanctuary, a space for protection, relationships, belief, merriment, and community.







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