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Watercolor on paper

D. Aron Raj

Pune, India

D. Aron Raj

Nature is always a solved puzzle. We humans because of our ignorance, unawareness, greediness, making our earth an unsolved puzzle. Outcome of the conflict is the worst, that it even turns the life of an individual or the whole world including other creatures in the world, like animals, plants, renewable, non-renewable resources. In my artwork I had explained the sorrow of a child who is thinking about the solved puzzle of nature, how it turned to an unsolved puzzle. Fighting between countries for superior power, boundary issues, these all can be stopped if humans aren’t selfish, arrogant. We children are more affected physically & mentally and our future will be a puzzle. Conflicts are there everywhere, from tiny to huge. The awareness has to be started from the house, then we can solve problems between villages, states, countries etc. kindness, unity and sharing are the hope of life.







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