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Photograph of metal and glass sculptures

Danielle Rothmann


Danielle Rothmann

The Critter inhabit secluded parts of the coast, living and beading in shallow rockpools they form communities. Families. They interact with the water around them, glass and water becoming one in the reflections of the water while metal limbs arch out of the water. They detest being alone and would rather exist together in a hub of glass and metal.

The 'Critters' are formed of hand-blown glass and forged steel limbs. Their name is inspired by the Donna Haraway text 'Staying with the Trouble': "Chthonic ones are beings of the earth, both ancient and up-to-the-minute. I imagine chthonic ones as replete with tentacles, feelers, digits, cords, whiptails, spider legs, and very unruly hair. Chthonic ones romp in multicritter humus but have no truck with sky-gazing Homo. Chthonic ones are monsters in the best sense; they demonstrate and perform the material meaningfulness of earth processes and critters."


£200 for prints of photgraphs


digital - size determined on printing


digital - size determined when printing

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