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Mixed media on canvas

Georgina April

Chesterfield, UK

Georgina April

Climate change has left our world in crisis.
This requires urgent and ambitious action to salvage our world’s habitats which are under serious and devastating threat.

This piece incorporates many messages of climate change and can be interpreted in different ways. For some, the artwork represents the diminishing arctic glaciers which are warming twice as fast as the global average. Some may see the sea’s gradually submerging glaciers which threaten the habits of wildlife and people. Others see the sun blazing through the Ozone layer. Furthermore the movement and texture of the piece can represent the severe weather changes where coastal areas in many countries are impacted by storms and floods whilst droughts affect other parts of the world.

Ultimately, this piece seeks to recognise global issues caused by climate change. Most importantly, this piece is a strong reminder that our world is our home and we must change in order to preserve it.

50% of proceeds of this sale will be donated to WWF.







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