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King of Soca

Watercolor on paper

Gretchen Sandiford


Gretchen Sandiford

BACKGROUND: A night of Calypso music and dance as well?. It’s well worth it the painting is showing. A well dressed, stylish 1970s African/Caribbean man of London town is - enjoying the music of this era. How the Windrush Generation transformed British arts and culture.
Soca (Soul of Calypso) was coined by artist Lord Shawty in an effort to revive traditional Trinidadian and Tobagan calypso music in the 70's. By the 1980s, soca had evolved into a range of styles and was popular in Britain to sample calypso and other Caribbean beats and rhythms into tracks. This style of sampling continued to inspire London pop artists in the years to come, and lay the foundations for many electronic styles such as dancehall, UK garage, jungle, ragga and hip hop.







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