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Visible Arrivants

graphite pencil on paper

Gretchen Sandiford


Gretchen Sandiford

BACKGROUND: How the Windrush Generation transformed British arts and culture
Many other Visible Arrivants decided to stay as their families increased and settled. The article was written by: Linda McDowell Theme: The Arrivants Published: 4 Oct 2018 After the 2nd World War Britain was short of workers. Commonwealth citizens from the Caribbean migrated to Britain and made a difference.
My version of Visible Arrivants is this 2021 pencil illustration on paper. As a child, I liked to observe my father's best suits all lined up in his wardrobe. When he dressed up in these suits it was a marker of significant occasions in time. Along with their Caribbean culture, his generation bought in many influences of styles and colors in their attire. Some of the early West Indian migrants wanted to return to the Caribbean and did.







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