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Oil on Paper




This painting ('Tomorrow?') is created to reflect how the viewer feels about the future. It presents a path worn into deep rivets by the passage of people and their viechles. The light is pouring round the corner towards the viewer who is coming from a place much darker. The light source is from an unseen place. It is unclear what is producing the light or whether it is coming towards the viewer or the viewer is approaching it. It is my hope that these details will be subconciously assigned posative or negative depending on how the viewer feels about the future, be it tomorrow in an immediate sense or tomorrow in a more abstract meaning.

It is up to the viewer whether they are approaching this light source and whether that is exciting or scary, or whether they are being approached by the light source and whether that is calming or frightful. Then the source of the light could be home just around the corner, it could be a brighter tomorrow or it could be fires consuming the environment all around and the viewer is blindly walking into them.







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