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Portal of silence

Woven Abstract

Ilona Bruins

Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Ilona Bruins

Visualisation of silence

My background
Ilona Bruins
46 years old from The Netherlands
Art education: Bachelor of Arts, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
Selfbased Artist
Art teacher in secondary school
@ilona.bruins (Instagram)

Contemporary woven abstracts
I work with a self-developed technique for making my artwork: a mixture of collage and assembly. Works are usually 2D with relief. They are abstract collage, so called Contemporary woven abstracts.

I bring visual stories to life by connecting form, line and textures. I use (old) textile, ribbon, plastics and industrial rubber in my work. I visualizes my stories by using particle recycled materials and therefor it’s a recycling of material and stories. As stories are a recycling of the (true) events in life.

Way of the creative process

As a starting point I focus on a feeling, an state of mind, atmosphere or emotion based on my experiences. Then I put together a color-palette of materials en get to work. Starting to work, the colors bring the atmosphere to life en the rhythm of the lines lead your eyes though the work and tell the story.

Grand focus of my work is the way people really feel inside versus the way the present themselves in the world. I try to show people the inner world that lives in your head and body. Fragile and vulnerable, inside versus hidden.







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