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"Sarod, hear my call"

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Indira Verdi


Indira Verdi

In this feminist work, the enigmatic "female gaze" with its jewel-like quality, balances power and sensuality, fragility and strength, speaking directly to the viewer's soul.

Influence emerges from social media testimony, documentaries, and my own personal experiences. I have explored the ancient roots of the Persian Empire, the Cyrus period, making comparisons with post-colonialism.

The sarod musical instrument (evoking the heart and lungs) represents the voices of women from Afghanistan which resonate during the current oppressive, patriarchal regime. Below the instrument, an abstract mathematical structure depicts the female biological cycle, referencing cultural stigma during menstruation. Considered unclean, women are forced into isolation away from home, affecting their health, and during extreme weather conditions, this has resulted in death.

Afghan artists are driven by memory, having no choice but to destroy their work under this brutal regime. Girls and women are being denied the right to education. I have incorporated these elements, a straitjacket as a metaphor for constraint, beside a book hanging by a thread.

My work interweaves human experience, the profound psychological effects of this environment, capturing raw emotions, facilitating discussions around the complexities of racial and social justice, and creating a platform that empowers us all.







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