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James Mellor


James Mellor

The works are depictions of vibrant light shaping a figurative mystery form. The light could be interpreted as a light source guiding to a specific purpose and can be represented as good and bad as the unknown can attract a participant by admiring or attracting from the light vibrant colors. The figure is shaped to be answered whether good or bad the background is a shade of blackness void that gives a sense of beauty to the light source and yet gives shiver horror imagery is dark and the nothingness that can reflect on dreams and nightmare vision not knowing what it could be as visualize as a glimpse
An abstract wire figure depiction of me as an artist and identity based on mental health. Seen a mysterious with dark and good thoughts. clouded in the dark void but being the light, of not giving up on people and staying focused on the good all the time despite being a challenged and obstacle in the way. Easy to be consumed by bad thoughts and be a bad person. it is represented in this art piece and my other work shrouded in darkness but being the only light source and you. Modern-day art Visual depict and summarizes in color and light we all should aspire to help others and be better than the bad in our world to protect the innocent and inspire the new generation in a spiritual image and identity.







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