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The Others

Oil on canvas

Jane Lantsman

Netanya, Israel

Jane Lantsman

The Others ... In the modern world, in which we are sometimes forcibly imposed on different standards, including the standards of beauty, it is so difficult to be different. Be different from everyone. Be different from others. Stand out from the crowd. And sometimes it takes courage to take a step forward and get out of the box!

On this painting you can see two beautiful women. One of them is albino, another one is redhead with lots of freckles all over her body and her face. Both of them are not standard beauties. Both of them catch a lot of not really nice and kind reactions from other people.

But both of them have the right to be treated exactly like anyone else! Because they are beautiful! They are talented! They are mothers, sisters, wives, and friends! Like anyone else!




80 cm


60 cm

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