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Mermer - Encircle

Oil on Canvas

Jiachen Zeng

London, UK

Jiachen Zeng

Mermer is a series of oil paintings with black and white figures in different scenes and states by artist Jiachen Zeng. It depicts the artist’s life during the pandemic, perhaps it can also be others’. Zeng regards it as a reflection of self, so "Mermer" can be "Me-er" (me). This image is like a middleman, half black and half white, half bright and half dark. It has no gender and no expression; this state is an intermediate state, in which the light is like attracting people passively but also like catching people proactive, which people are yearning for but also scared of light. Therefore, "Mermer" is also "Middle-er". "Mermer" sounds like "Silent", "Mo Mo", and "Murmur". It is quiet; it seems far away; it seems familiar; it seems to be gossip; it also seems to be a gentle whisper. And “莫莫” in Chinese can mean repetitive denying, but also can be assuring.







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