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Soul Room


Julia Überreiter

Vienna, Austria

Julia Überreiter

„Soul Room“ was taken in the mansion of Manner in Vienna. The owner of the well known „Mannerschnitten“ Carl Manner was living there from 1920 till 2017. After he died the building was bought by Michael Kuenburg, the head oft he real estate company K&K. Now it gets rebuild into luxury appartements and nothing remains of its original charm. This drastic renovation is a symbol of patriarchal might to me. Might about space alwayes hast the one who owns most money – usually men. Taking photos on the last day before renovation I tried to trace the athmosphere oft he building and to discover the soul of it. So this is why I named it „Soul Room“. As an artistic intervention I have choosen a photographic self – promotion. As women and female artist I want to represent an opposite pole to this occupied place by men.


£ 350





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