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Flight Destination · Naivety of Laughters

Oil on Canvas

Jun Shya


Jun Shya

​​In "Flight Destination · Naivety of Laughters" (2022), I attempted to record a moment in time of a family waiting for a flight to another destination, leaving their Hong Kong home behind. The girl standing in the foreground imagines her surroundings to be the street where she spent her childhood, instead of an airport. The partially obscured figure on the bench and the sinister colour contrast reflect her mixed emotions of sadness, fear and regret. Simultaneously, the boy holds a flag with the Chinese characters, '五大訴求,缺一不可' (translating to ‘five demands, not one less’), which is a slogan used during the Hong Kong protest. Before departure, he desires his voice to be heard one last time. On the other hand, his sister attempts to remove the flag before anyone notices, in fear of showing political stances. This symbolises the incapability to change the cruelty of reality and how the freedom of expression and political disputes in Hong Kong affects many families to immigrate.







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