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African elephant

oil on canvas

Kakajan Charyyev

Batumi, Georgia

Kakajan Charyyev

The painting "African Elephant" belongs to the series "Animals on the verge of extinction". The artist paints beautiful and incredible animals in their natural habitat. Kakajan wants to remind the whole world how beautiful animals are and stop the extinction of many species.
African elephants are the largest land mammals on our planet. At present, in Africa, it is the only representative of the proboscis order.
This beautiful, strong and most powerful animal of the planet has no enemies. More precisely, elephants have only one enemy - MAN! People who hunt us elephants for their tusks and skin are the main reason for the extinction of elephants. Due to the monstrous hunting, the number of African elephants in 2006 was 10,000 individuals. And back in 1970, the population of African elephants numbered 400,000.
Currently, the African elephant is formally protected by the government, and in some areas there is an average increase of 4%. However, poaching continues to thrive. It is known that 2012 saw a big spike in illegal ivory mining.
Ivory mining should be reduced as much as possible! African elephants must not disappear! Their population must increase!


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