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Second Skin: A Place for Encounter

Photography/Reactive Dye Paste/Subtraction Printing on Hazelwood

Katherine-Jayne Watts

Dedham, Colchester

Katherine-Jayne Watts

Skin is both a barrier and an encounter and this interdisciplinary praxis investigates the interplay between being a body and having a body. It is an exploration of how skin acts as a site of memory, how skin leaves traces with age and acts as a visual record of a remembered past. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, which is often overlooked, and is “conceptualised as something that is worn, the inescapable garment” (Benthien, 1965). I seek to push the boundaries, encapsulate “Body Prison” (Benthien, 1965) and challenge the point of connection all stemming from the almost abject latex human skin materiality. I seek to create an immersive experience for a sensual encounter evoked through participation of trying on materials next to the skin.







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