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Mother's Point of View

Charcoal on paper

Lea Farrell


Lea Farrell

This drawing looks through the eyes of a mother at the growing digital reliance and possible dependence in children.
The point of view of the mother allows the possibility to emphasize the dualities of real and unreal, allowing me to unpack surrogate realities, the natural physical, and in contrast to this the digital captivation of children. The two children are sitting across from each other. They are still and there is a space between them. The most challenging part of this drawing was moving away from anonymity and using my own children in this manner. The especially hard approach of ‘dead’ expressionless stares on both children’s faces was an affray to capture. The children are life-sized. I can easily imagine them being in front of me. But they are distant through their lifeless expressions. Not only they are distant from the viewer, but they are unconnected to each other. The space between them is symbolic of the divide in space that is between real life and the life that is on the surface while a person interacts with digital screens.







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