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The girl who needs to express herself

Charcoal and pencil on paper , Faber castell

Leah Docherty

Scotland Glasgow

Leah Docherty

All through my school years I have been seen as shy and a loser , I think this helps me express myself . Art has been my hobby since I was 5 years old and even younger and I hope to be a fine art or animation artist some day. I am 16 years old from a small place in Glasgow . So it would mean the world to me to be noticed . I used skin texture t technique with a small eraser to get the smallest of details and make it as realistic as possible . My art teacher really pushed me to do this so I hope I make her proud as well as my family who have suffered greatly this year after losing my papa. Anyway back to the point I have also used prismacolour for the vibrant confetti marks on her cheeks which is expression and after all the month of June is all about expressing yourself for who you are. I hope this meaning brings as much joy to you as it does to me . I spent over 30 days to complete this I don’t think I got the size right but it’s around A3 size







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