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The voiceless

Graphite on paper

Leah Olaleye


Leah Olaleye

This piece is called “The voiceless” and touches on the major genocide issue in china. Since 2014 around 1 million uyghur muslims are being detained in concentration camps in Xinjiang. Women and children are being sexually assaulted and abused and china is labelling these places as ‘re-education camps’ to hide their islamophobia. This embodies our changing world as it shows the power imbalance in many places in world and how the increase in multiculturalism has cause an increase in abuse and torture. Although the uyghur muslims aren’t immigrants, and they are native to china this is seen all across the world with many different nationalities. In turn the world is becoming more desensitised to these sort of things and when media interest dies down no one seems to care anymore







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