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Moon Phase

0.05cm technical pen

Li Er Xing

HongKong, China

Li Er Xing

Moon is always mysterious, which may also represent different meanings. Remember the full moon in " Plum Blooming"?

It symbolizes the end and represents a new beginning of my first artwork. You may feel confused about this meaning. Therefore, I have created the second artwork in my project called the "Moon phase" which clearly shows how the moon will change with the cycle period, and of course, it is not the normal moon phase.

You may see the plum blossom has started to grow on the moon. The moon has full of plum blossoms when it becomes full. It starts to become fewer and dark again afterward. It symbolizes our life, you are just like the Waxing Crescent when you start having a target with your future. When you work hard on your target, you will be becoming a full moon. Moreover, you may get the benefit in these processes, the plum blossom is represent those benefits.

After you finish your target and get anything you want, in the end, you will have a new target in the next period, and everything starts again as the moon phase. That's why, if you do something wrong in your daily life, no need to be shy, don't be afraid, everything can start again. Just enjoy your life, enjoy what you do for the target and try everything you feel interested in when you are "Waxing Crescent".







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