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Sustainable Botanical

Yarn, Wood, Beads


Doncaster, UK


Sustainable Botanical is a series of knitted replicas of endangered British flowers and plants, photographed in the natural habitat they should appear in but sadly do not due to different environmental factors. The project aims to raise awareness of the beautiful endangered wildlife of the UK, and support conservation efforts to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

The file I have attached displays four of the flowers/plants. The full project can be seen at @sustainablebotanical on Instagram or Facebook.

If chosen for the exhibition, I would want to exhibit the photographs alongside the physical replicas. If possible, the knitted flowers would be for sale at around £20 each, and I can produce an unlimited number of them.


£20 each


Each plant is approximately 30cm tall.


Each plant varies between 5cm and 10cm.

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