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watercolor paper/watercolor

Ludmila Kulikova

Balakovo, Saratovskaya obl, Russia

Ludmila Kulikova

Winter in Siberia ...
In February 2021, I went to Siberia for the first time in winter, I was afraid of severe frosts, but nature kindly greeted us. There were wonderful sunny winter days.
The other day we went to the Kemerovo region. On the way back in the evening the sun had already set, but it was still light. The views from the car window were amazing.
Snow-white snow, gloomy bluish-gray sky and a thin strip of bare trees.
I quickly turned on the camera in my phone so that I could at least have time to shoot something. Due to the speed, the photos turned out to be washed out, the colors did not convey the real shades. But my memory (very selective, most often I forget everything) retained these pictures. And most importantly, the first impression of what I saw, which I tried to capture in my work.







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