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Absorbed by the network

Oil on linen

Lyudmila Aituarova

Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

Lyudmila Aituarova

From birth, people are subject to someone else's opinion: family, friends, the Internet, the media. Some people are so consumed by social media that they are not able to distinguish between their own opinions and selected ones. There is no "truth".
For some cultures, the question of the existence of "Eye of Providence" is relevant... Many people have to constantly remember what "it is allowed to say" without causing a wave of censure from the society or government persecution for "an unauthorized opinion".
Many people have to remember what is "allowed to talk about" and what is better not to even think about. As a result, we not only get "correct" and "convenient" information - which is not a lie, but at the same time far from reality - that it is impossible to talk about some kind of objectivity. Not in an endless flow of mass mutual persuasion.
The Internet gives us a lot of opportunities: communication, virtual travel, work, etc. Lockdown has made even more areas of our life "remote".
We live in an information web that feeds us and feeds on us without the "rise of the machines"...
And how deep are we already in it?


1000 GBP





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