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Last Sighting

digital image

Mary Ruggeri


Mary Ruggeri

These images belong to a new collection of work called The Lost Boys. I am documenting a crime story using manipulated images that are digitally altered to obscure non essential detail and create an indistinct and disturbing sense of mystery and unease. The idea of telling a crime thriller through imagery is appealing and yet complex. I let the story take me and see where it leads. These two boys disappeared eight years ago and were never found. In these images I have tried to create a fragmentary glimpse into their former life. All that remains of them are memories that are clung to and shadows that communicate their incomplete physical presence. I have been greatly influenced by reading and watching crime stories, about the abduction of children and the reasons they are taken and the mystery that surrounds this aberration. I try to address the feelings that are brought into focus by the disappearance of these boys and how they are remembered; the sadness that presents itself in each image as it fades into the narrative of time and is forever the source of a deeply troubled existence concerning grief and hope and fear.







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