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Pandemic Portraits

Medium format photography

Nathan McGill


Nathan McGill

Pandemic Portraits is a collaborative portraiture project that documents the social implications of COVID-19 on individuals across Birmingham, UK. The body of work is solely analogue based, and performs as a testimony to the participants lives during a pandemic.

Through collaboration and conversation, a dialogue was created to address and understand the lockdown experiences of my participants. Alongside this, to ensure the project was truly a collaborative effort - the participants selected a significant location for their pandemic portrait.

"I just want to dance, like that’s the main thing. I thought I was going to miss going to the theatre, cinema and stuff. I miss those things a bit, but in no way near the levels that I anticipated. What I miss are bodies on dancefloors, like being together, that communal feeling when the music is just right and everyone is losing their inhibitions and dancing in that kind of levelling space."







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