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Series: "Khibiny view", "Sanya"


Olga Danilova

St.Petersburg / Russia

Olga Danilova

My project Fouк years ago I moved to live in the Arctic Circle.

I was born, learned, grew up in one of the largest, most beautiful and perspective city in Russia, St. Petersburg. But one winter day I went to the North, to a small town in the mountains - Kirovsk and fell in love ... with snow, a snowy city, mountains and people... When I come backed at home, I gathered my belongings, my daughter, cats and left to live North. Here I found inspiration in everything, but especially in nature and people living in the mountains. I was able to convey this in several of my personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Snow and the minimalism of the North make us see more than superficially, and, most importantly, make us think about the role of man in this world, about how he feels than he lives. The lonely figure in the snow is so piercing that you will certainly want to know: “Who is this person? How does he feel? Why is he here? What does he live with? How does he perceive the world around him? ”

In the bustle of cities, we began to forget what a person is, people merge into a crowd. We don’t know our neighbors in our homes, we rarely communicate with loved ones, often we run somewhere. In the North, everything is different, each meeting is not accidental, a person becomes a character with whom you want to stop and talk, and then portray in a picture.

With my paintings, I want to tell people about a more real life than in glossy magazines or the standards of happiness that are imposed on us.







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