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Ethereal visions (Pale Blue Dot series)

Silk woven shibori cloth. Naturally dyed with red cabbage and black beans.

Olivia Powell


Olivia Powell

Pale Blue Dot represents the benefits of viewing our human-centred existence from a different perspective. From one perspective, the fabric appears as spontaneous marks of varied colour (tied to a single moment in time, when the dye attached to the fibres). However, with the interaction of light new imagery is formed.
When sunlight passes through imperfect holes in the cloth, the arrangement of multiple dots of light casts galactical shadows behind the cloth. The representation of small, fleeting moments become part of a deeper sense of time; one moment within the history of the universe.
My hope is that by reflecting on our tiny place within the universe, we can better cherish the beauty of our small, imperfect world, altering our short-term mindsets to consider how our actions will affect the future of life on Earth.







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