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Technology and Biology

Digital art

Rachel Mckay

Ascot , uk

Rachel Mckay

My art piece is an exploration into the future and our eventual merge with technology. Set on a futuristic blue background I digitally painted a portrait of typical women then added technological glowing eyes and eyelashes. I also used a collaging technique which I experimented with in my mixed media research and added a circuit board pattern behind the eyes, removing the pupils and in turn removing lot of her humanity as the eyes are the door to ones soul. Using a tool called PROCREATE I used a detailed process of transforming the reference picture into my artwork from creating line art, placing block colours then blending everything together to make a skin like base to add finer details like hair and eyelashes individually. I used a luminance pen behind her to add a supernatural glow and help her stand out, along with using this to create the eyelashes and to add a glow to her eyes which resembles a pupil. Showing her transformation. I was greatly inspired by the Detroit become human concept artists, who blended ideas of our futures with realistic androids with human features. I found it shocking how realistically human they looked and wanted to incorporate this contrast between natural beauty and technology into my art piece. This is where I got many ideas for the bright colours shown, the bright intoxicating blue contrasting with the natural skin tones. Some might see our bond with technology as a vital stage in evolution something pivotal and exciting for society, but some may see it as upsetting how we have strayed away from our naturality and destroyed our earth to the point that this is required.







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