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The women in a hurry


Rajpurohit Roshansingh

Surat / india

Rajpurohit Roshansingh

I was passing by the market place in the search of some interesting figersings , it was 7:9 pm of night and the curfew is gone take place at 8 , at this one hour duration of 7 to 8 every one just pack there stuff and rushs to there home and there are some who wait for the curfew to star and then leave's, but her I got my eyes on a
greengrocer (sabjiwali) she was seating on the ground packing up her stall but some how i see that she don't want to, because she was waiting for the customer to come she want to sell her vegs's more ,she was confused as she was packingup ,then a customer comes and ask the price of the veg's as soon as the customer listen the price he left ,the women shouted an discount offer and said "lalu bhai" she continually looked at the customer and wait for a while in a curious position , her hands are on the veg's and slowly putting it in the plastic bag of hers, not fully seated slightly getting up on her nees looking at the customer who's gonna.







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