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Experiments in Pure Form 3

Indian ink pen on board

Samantha Wraith


Samantha Wraith

"Keep it together." In the stark fullness of this line drawing, the centre threatens to engulf the whole. Originally titled Solider of the Limen, creating this piece was an act of listening to the 'draw', the pull of the subconscious, to the dance of Chaos alive in every pattern in this world that eventually stops and gives way to something else. I was aware of working this acutely, balanced with a conscious will to order and allow forms to settle and take definition. Interrupted patterns take us on an inward journey, circling ever closer to the centre. What is it to see? What do I feel? What can I hear as I let my eyes relax into layers and dive in detail and relief? As winter nights draw in longer and cold, the affects of our bodies and minds seek order and sense-made as we give time to notice how we become through the marks we make in this world.







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