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lovely days of april

oil on canvas

somnath harne

changyachapada,SHAHAPUR, THANE ,Maharashtra.

somnath harne

this scene is from my home town ,near my house. we always go there for swimiming by that route shown in the painting, i always been thinking about how the colours of leaves are so pretty in the april, and how the new leaves are so shiny and catchy. i always been thinking this beauty should be captured on canvas, that shows true indian nature, beacause beauty of indian nature is so underistimated , i wanted to capture beauty of my place, this scene is so close to my heart, you can see old leave's place is taken by newly grown leaves , its kind of nostalgic feeling, and how new leaves are so shines and colourful even one day those leaves will also fallen away, its shows continuity, thank you.







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