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Moon Has Stories So Do You.

Printmaking ink on paper

Sukraat Tiwari

Mumbai, India

Sukraat Tiwari

It is a long-awaited print and everything just rightly falls in place. I had made a sketch of this work 3/4 years back yet never took its
During the lockdown phase, once I was in the backwoods of Nainital for 4 days. Every night I would rest taking a gander at the moon
and it seemed like we were having a goodnight conversation. While returning back from the woodland the sketch hit me and the 4
days with the moon came together to make this art. Nature has always been an incredible inspiration and I have never come empty-handed from it.
This work speaks a lot for itself, there’s a dreamer in all of us and we all unconsciously escape reality. A figure skimming among the
mists on a moon which resembles his ride for, an encompassed evening among infinite stars and galaxies and he's awestruck by its
inconceivable magnificence. More like caught up in a fantasy world and that’s his utopian moment!







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