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‘I’m Afraid It Won’t Feel Like Home’

35 mm colour film photography, digitally scanned and printed onto multiple pages of A4

Summer Auty

Frome, UK

Summer Auty

My piece ‘I’m Afraid It Won’t Feel Like Home’ is an interactive installation which consists of two layers of photography of local sites, that are either proposed for development or under construction already. I printed them onto multiple pages of A4 and tiled them together, this divided the image into sections with white borders reflecting the way we build houses in rows and grids like boxes, breaking up the landscape. The work mirrors the complexity of a new housing development through the layers of image. Each page is stapled to the wall with just one staple so that the pages are easy to remove, revealing the photograph behind. When a page is removed the audience discovers a quote on the back from a local resident, voicing how they felt about the site and how the development has or will affect them once completed.




233 cm


207 cm

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