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Watercolors on Paper

Svetlana Bush

Krasnodar, Russia

Svetlana Bush

The image of this work appeared to me in a dream.
But first came poetry. Having done a certain amount of work, they were transformed into the picture "Energy".
The Earthly Path of man inevitably ascends and brings us closer to meeting with distant worlds ...

In the conjunction of heavenly men
Not torn from us forever,
When She enters you indigo –
Full of pink radiance
And in intricate images.

Then you will understand,
But better, you will feel –
Another time, changes in the heart
You transform everything in yourself,
You will see the good in the revealed alien...

Another time. And other people -
Infused with Light ... Their Love
Multiplied by millions of cells
And it became even new blood...

It has come to pass. And the process goes on...
"How many are chosen, but few are called..."
Who will sing an angelic song...
To him to live in the promised palaces.

Day is breaking. The stars are gone,
Graze somewhere in other orbits...
My friend, you still write to me...
I will read you in ancient manuscripts...

Svetlana Bush




59,4 cm


42,0 cm

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