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Phenomenon of light

Watercolors on Paper

Svetlana Bush

Krasnodar, Russia

Svetlana Bush

Poems about the Phenomenon of light came to me in a dream and, at the same time, I drew them. This image appeared unexpectedly. I received an invitation from the Wotercolorium organizing committee to take part in the International Exhibition in Japan. I have dreamed of visiting this country for a long time, thinking about Japanese art, about the upcoming exhibition and all my thoughts were concentrated in this work. In the morning, in a dream, I was in a blessed Stream - I was drawing and writing poetry at the same time ... With a thin brush, my hand painted balls - large and small, similar to soap, and inside them - lines from these poems ... It's amazing! I woke up slowly, slowly, so as not to forget them.
The female face in the center of the picture personifies the feminine principle and shows the duality of this world: there is darkness around, from above there are streams of heavy energies, but they cannot penetrate into the territory of Light. The branches of the plant are drawn towards a light figure. In this female face, there is a Divine Mother Principle in two hypostases - human nature and the plant world. At the end of each branch there is a flower in the form of fire. This is the fire of a nascent new life. And she is holding it in her hand -

She is the Creative Light:

She with a scarf and flowers
Shelters all her children...
And manifests itself in gifts
Deep in your soul...
I weave a lily into my heart
Her favorite flower
And the kind Spirit of Her baby
Has sprouted a sprout in my soul.
And the look of Her Love contains
Such a magical quiet light,
That dissolves in rapture
Smog of human vanities ...

Svetlana Bush




42,0 cm


29.6 cm

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