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Many Happy Returns


Tom Connell Wilson

Greater London

Tom Connell Wilson

‘Many Happy Returns’ is an attempt to imagine what London may have looked like had the Greater London Council survived abolishment in 1986. In this case, the Council is universalised as a moment whereby futures were aborted, unlived and denied their final form. The piece operates in three parts; the first centralising County Hall as a building that signposts a forgotten past; a perennial ghost of the future. In these moments of archival footage, the buzz of the city is sonically contested by fragments of 1980s popular music as the jitters of the stylus needle are scattered and disperse. Through deep echoes, new rhythms surface amongst the wreckage, rhythms of deserted record players that conduct and modulate the structure. The second section maps the endings of the Greater London Council, returning us to the tipping points of localised elections where what could've been is the common prerequisite. ‘Many Happy Returns’ does not play out without a semblance of hope though, as the closing moments align energies of libertarian countercultures with inner city leftism. From this new victories emerge without a creeping nostalgia but with the act of reimagining - rethinking the past to fortify new trajectories.


£900 (Edition 1 of 5)


n/a (aspect ratio 16:9)



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