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A beach on Eigg

Oil Paints, On board

Tom Speedy

edinburgh, UK

Tom Speedy

I have memories of a particularly cold holiday to the Isle of Eigg during my childhood. We took a boat out to Rum, where we caught sight of a pod of Orcas. I wanted to create a gestural painting, that expressed energy showing the full majesty of the sea. I want the process of painting to come to life as I introduce light. I used an old rag and smoothly applied a wash of Prussian blue and burnt umber oils over a primed white acrylic board. When the surface was blue, I allowed it to partially dry, then introduced an eraser and started to pull light back into the image. Using a rag dipped in linseed oil, I could dilute the blue, creating mid-tones. I wanted to test the potential of one colour, by stretching it out. Working with an eraser allowed me to work Intuitively with my whole body. Any mistake could easily be corrected by reapplying pigment. This gave me the freedom to experiment. I was pleased with the glacial quality of the final image.







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