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Tangible dialogues. Composition No. 3

Mixed Media

Xenia Voronicheva


Xenia Voronicheva

The Tangible Dialogues series was created in February 2021. To create this series, I was inspired by observing my own emotional state during the period of the end of winter and the onset of spring in central Russia in a city on the banks of the large Russian Volga River.
The gradual increase in the number of hours of sunshine per day makes you want to catch every minute and enjoy every moment.
The artwork is very emotional, impetuous, lively, breathing and I hope that the audience will feel this when looking at it.
The art was created using mixed media technique, I used acrylic, gouache, tempera, oil pastels, graphite pencil, markers on hardboard, to create a rich texture, multi-layered and lively surface.
I like abstraction because I can express my thoughts and impressions of life and current events most emotionally and with full dedication of mental strength in this style.
The work is covered with varnish on top for better protection from water and sunlight.







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