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"Don't Forget"

Oil on Canvas (Painting)

Zach Zono

London, UK

Zach Zono

My name is Zach Zono, I currently reside in London but I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.
At its core, my artistic practice is an exploration of how we experience feelings of nostalgia, and in turn how we encounter our relationship with sentimentality. Through my use of colour combinations, landscape motifs, and gestures I attempt to retain a sense of ordered harmony, by a balance that is neither symmetrical nor systematic. This has allowed me to focus on the interaction of overlapping colours with layers of paint, which is a process that I have steadily become more confident with. The pandemic stopped me from being able to return home to my family in Cape Town, as it did for so many others. Yet, to be so suddenly disconnected from a whole life that I knew was quite hard to make sense of. By giving myself the time to reminisce on how I felt when I thought of my home country, I became obsessed with how the scale of paintings could both overwhelm and comfort a viewer, feelings I associated with the nostalgia I was experiencing.







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