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Andy Hollinghurst. Friendly Neighbourhood Superhero.

Due to Andy Hollinghurst being one of our artists with an upcoming solo exhibition (April 2022), I thought it only prevalent to make one of these blogs focused on him.

While I was unable to speak with Andy directly, I have been able to reach him online to find this information. Many thanks to him for responding to my incessant questioning.

Andy Hollinghurst, a Doncaster based artist, was born in Preston. Having settled into Doncaster over 25 years ago, Andy has had time to establish a family and life here.

With a family consisting of himself, wife Janice, five children and four grandchildren, Andy originally moved to Doncaster to be closer to his spouse’s family.

While Andy worked as a teacher, roughly 15 years in the past, his mental health unfortunately begun to deteriorate to the point where he had to leave his love of teaching. With old habits in the form of art, Andy’s painting became his crutch during these times and assisted with his return to form. This lead to his theme of darkness turning to light, prevalent in many of his artistic works.

After this experience, Andy became an advocate for mental health. Working alongside Time To Change, Mind and M.H.F.A, Andy has also given many talks to crowds campaigning for them to understand the value of mental health care. Being involved in this caused Andy to appear in many places that he didn’t expect. Appearances on the BBC, I.T.V, on the radio… even in Parliament!

This awareness has positively affected the care that those in need have been able to access, because of the understanding a layman would have improving. This is a vital aspect of modern civilisation, and Andy is proud to be part of this movement.

By Andy’s words: “Having my work appear in several mind calendars inspired me to set up a website and paint more. I love the coast, especially the drama of the sea. I jumped at the opportunity to be an artist in residence in the market as a place to showcase my work, to paint and most importantly to talk.”

Andy currently has a studio in Doncaster Town’s Corn Exchange and is a member of the D31 group. Common inspirations are of the industry and township of Doncaster.

Andy also has his own website, as previously stated. You can learn more or view his works here:

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