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Art: A Portal Through Dreams and Memories?

As an avid fan of art I’ve always loved it when a work of art is able to transport you to another area in time; either through memories, daydreams for the future, or to the landscape of a new world ready to be explored. Looking at a painting of the beach could remind you of past road trips to the seaside with your family, making sandcastles with your siblings. Whereas a more vibrant landscape work of art could make you feel as though you’re stepping into a new world, on a new planet with plants and wildlife you’ve never experienced before.

Moonlight Night - Bok Bah NG

One of the artists who represents this motion of transporting you to a new world is Bok Bah NG. His artwork depicting landscapes inspired by the nature of Malaysia takes on an otherworldly feel thanks to the vibrant blues, greens and yellows used within the work due to his expert use with spray-paint and acrylic. Bok’s ability to make his artwork appear 3D is truly alluring to the observer, making one believe they could almost walk straight into the landscape itself to sit beside the waterfall in a peaceful trance.

I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer and I think it’s good to not always think so seriously about life during adulthood and allow ourselves to dream openly like we once did as children. It is even believed that through the act of conscious daydreaming we can expand our consciousness as well as boost creativity. So therefore by admiring art and allowing ourselves to become lost in it and to daydream, we are able to find inspiration for our own ideas both within life and within the world of art. In this way art sustains itself, by allowing our minds to create new concepts and ideas, after all isn’t that the ultimate purpose of art?

Hut By the Lake - Bok Bah NG

House In The Wood - Bok Bah NG

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