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Art in a field 'Passion for Patchings'

With the thirst for all things art, me and my arty gang went off to sample the delights of Patchings, an art festival of dreams set in the beautiful rural land of Robin Hood.

Running over the course of a weekend the event hosts demos and workshops.

With the opportunity to see all things art and to purchase all things art.

Upon first view its like walking into a massive outdoor wedding, with white marquee's galore.

Walking however into one of off the many marquee's takes you off down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland.

Any of my friends will confirm that shopping is a particular skill of mine but wowzer I was not expecting the art shop of dreams.

Rows and rows of vast arty products galore. With a great energy to it this never ending tent hosted a creativity buzz like no other, a clan of art lovers.

The Rosemary stall alone made me stand and stare like a rabbit in the lights. To see every possible brush from this holy temple of art brush supplier, then to be served by Rosemary emm pinch me.

Several hours later we emerged from tent 1!!!(there are several)

So now fully laid down with every brush imaginable at rocket discount pricing. A top up in the beer tent (purely for rehydration purposes only!)then refuels us to sample a free sit in workshop.

Enter the love of what I now have to master which is the how to use 'panpastels'. Thankyou to the king pin of the

pastel world 'Les Darlow'. The talent of some people is sometimes just breath-taking. To be able to stand and demonstrate your skill in front of others I've always admired but to make something look easy, to look possible to the little art student like me now that's a skill.

Well it worked in terms of sales now a few quid lighter but all fully inspired and optimistic we take our sore feet home.

A first for me but now a stable annual event. Of course being in the beautiful Nottingham countryside on a sunny day with your besties is always a win win.

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